Lyric Videos

Learning Pickle Ball is a lot of fun along with some frustrations.
This song was gathered from the collective consciousness 
of my fellow pickle ball buddies who always strive to perfect this intoxicating sport.

What can I say? This song was inspired by my amazing
Grandbaby, Sofia, born January 2016.

This song was written for my wife and best friend, Marilyn.
She really does "turn an ordinary boy like me into Superman."
And a BIG thank you to Brother Dave for harmony vocals and harmonica.

I wrote this song for my Grandma Jenny who always spoke to us in Italian. 
She continually showed my sister, my brothers and I unconditional love. 
The sparkle in her eye, warm smile and gifts of chocolate candy bars always brought 
us joy. "Grandma, Jenny, grazie, questa canzone è per te."

My adorable niece, Caitlyn Rose, living in Sacramento, CA was the inspiration for this song. 
Thanks to her father, Dave (my brother), for the vocal harmonies 
and Chad Clouse for joining in on the fiddle.

Caf√© Amsterdam was a folksy cafe in Fairfax, CA 
where local talent would showcase their music. 
I have fond memories of performing with my good buddy, Mike Williamson, 
surrounded by family and friends.

This song was inspired by a city in southern Mexico where Marilyn and I vacationed. 
We loved the warm water, fragrant flowers and tropical nights.
Lazy days on the beach, swimming in the clear waters and sipping island drinks 
created the ideal tropical getaway.

Friends of mine going through challenging times in their relationships inspired this song.
My love of mountain getaways made me think - 
what would I do to rekindle love?

My love of the ocean, carefree days and island life inspired this song.
It is my way of saying enjoy life, keep dreaming, focus on love and
"leave your baggage on the shore."