Wonderful, down to earth, beautiful songs with lots of feeling 
and emotion. I like the stories that go with the songs...each
 one different, and easy listening. Robert, you rock!
~P. Sharrow

Robert LoRusso's CD, "See You Again," is filled with 11 great tunes that reeled me in hook, line, and singer! And not only is the music moving, the lyrics are quite beautiful as well.
~F. Raker

From the very first beat...I WAS HOOKED! What I love about this CD is that unlike other (even very talented) music artists, it's neither boring nor predictable. The music styles vary to keep one seriously anticipating each new song. Also, what was particularly outstanding were the honest and heartwarming lyrics: clear, lovely and genuinely thoughtful. Robert LoRusso is a modern day, romantic balladeer! The only downside of this that it has to come to an end! But, then I play it again and again, and again. BUY this CD. You'll really enjoy it!
~L. Lake

Great album. My only question is how long is it going to take for this one to hit the charts? Looking forward to the next one.
~B. Sharrow

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